hoi...meh la singgah !!!!

Walaupon pointer macam gampang, tapi aku bahagia di sini...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

patience comes with the "bag" :)

this is my 2nd PUMA stuff. A sling bag. Finally can dispose my old bag which has been used for a couple of years (sem4-sem6).nape sem 6??? hahaha

but, my little deep of my heart said the bag is like wat kampong folks carrying their stuff like kelapa, banana or payapa. senang citer, beg tu beso guni. the bag is big n too much color on it.adoi.Spotted this PUMA bag a few days earlier wit izrol ihsan, i like it at 1st sight. the tokeh said its nice. suit wit my body. pandai la ko. nak laku punye pasal.siap puji melangit tuh.

Well, another $80 gone. damn!!!